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 Post subject: Groove3 Preparing and Working with Movies in Logic Pro TUTORiAL
PostPosted: 26 May 2022 19:40 
Language: English
Files Type:mp4, jpg, plist, musicapps-project-folder, nfo, wav| Size:1.22 GB
Video:03:05:04 | 1920X1080 | 14089 Kbps
Audio:mp4a-40-2 | 132 Kbps | AAC

About :
Videos Files :
01. Importing Movie.mp4 (10.54 MB)
02. Trim Movie Method 1.mp4 (16.58 MB)
03. Trim Movie Method 2.mp4 (16.83 MB)
04. Markers Overview.mp4 (21.69 MB)
05. Tempo Map From Markers.mp4 (21.2 MB)
06. Configure Software Instruments.mp4 (31.42 MB)
07. Key Switching 1.mp4 (14.92 MB)
08. Key Switching 2.mp4 (15.68 MB)
09. Switching With CCs 1.mp4 (21.53 MB)
10. Switching With CCs 2.mp4 (21.11 MB)
11. Switching With Note Velocity.mp4 (18.98 MB)
12. Switching With Articulation ID 1.mp4 (18.55 MB)
13. Switching With Articulation ID 2.mp4 (14.36 MB)
14. Automation 1.mp4 (16.48 MB)
15. Automation 2.mp4 (18.75 MB)
16. The Click 1.mp4 (13.88 MB)
17. The Click 2.mp4 (10.76 MB)
18. Exporting To Notation Program.mp4 (20.77 MB)
19. Importing From Notation Program.mp4 (22.95 MB)
20. Logic And VEP 1.mp4 (13.74 MB)
21. Logic And VEP 2.mp4 (20.61 MB)
22. Recap.mp4 (27.77 MB)
New Gold Groove3 MIX.mp4 (493.18 MB)


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